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Is a baby monitor worth it?

by The Hype Society on Dec 14, 2022

Is a baby monitor worth it?

In today's world, there's very little question as to whether you should buy a baby monitor. It is often assumed as a necessity, the same way you would think of bottles and nappies.

But should this always be the case? This post will show the primary advantages of buying a baby monitor – and offer some guidance on how to select the right one.

Benefits of Baby Monitors

  • Peace of Mind: You never have to wonder about your child if you can always hear and see them.
  • Never Left Alone: Your baby will always have watchful eyes making sure they are safe, protected, and comfortable.
  • Easy Alert for Night Wake-Ups: While parents of newborns may disagree, having a monitor to wake you up when baby is hungry ensures that you won’t miss their next mealtime.

What to Look for in a Baby Monitor

Audio Quality & Camera Quality

While there are audio-only monitors available on the market today, most parents want both an audio and video feed of their child.

Learning about the types of video and audio quality can help you to make a more informed choice about monitors. Look for better HD resolution on video, as well asr high-quality audio.

Also, make sure the video provides a good framerate (at least 30 fps) and keeps your baby visible on-screen even in the dark with some sort of night vision.

Range and Channel Availability

You want your monitor to have a range that gives you full access anywhere in and around your home. This also includes Wi-Fi connectivity so that you can access it with smartphones.

Your monitor should offer multiple channels to find a clear one that does not interfere with your neighbours or any other devices in your home. Multiple available channels prevent any frequent headaches down the road.


Ensure the monitor you select can be mounted in plain sight of your child’s cot without wires or other hazards present. Mounting should be simple and straightforward with adjustable components.

Smartphone Connectivity

Using your home's Wi-Fi, you can use your smartphone to connect to the monitoring system. This simplifies how you access the monitor feed whether you're at home or not. Many parents love being able to use their phones to connect and have a look at their child whenever they want.

Getting More from Your Monitor

Integration with mobile apps and health and wellness monitoring are essential tools in your everyday life. Why not provide the same for your growing child?

Nanit monitors bring together all the best parts of baby monitors – including high-quality video, audio, easy mounting, and mobile connectivity. But they go one step further with breathing monitors using a cordless cotton band.

This offers the ultimate peace of mind and ease of use for parents. It is why so many of them have chosen Nanit for their child's well-being.

To learn more about why Nanit can help you and your baby sleep better every night, take a look at our website today.

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