Nanit FlexStand
Nanit FlexStand

Flex Multi Stand


Your baby's world reaches well beyond the cot. With the Flex-Stand, so does Nanit.

The Flex-Stand allows you to move the camera from room to room, or even house to house. The Flex-stand can make sure the Nanit Pro, goes where ever your baby does.

* Easily bring your Nanit camera with you when you travel
* Turn Nanit into a nanny cam to get a better view of any room in the house
* See your baby's breathing motion and get real time alerts (perfect for bassinets!)
* Keep using Nanit after the transition from cot to toddler bed

With the Flex, you'll get more from Nanit for years to come. 

Camera is not included.

Color: Black

Custom content

  • Smart Alerts: Nanit detects and notifies you in-app when baby really needs you—from Alert Zone to Cry Detection and real-time sound + motion alerts. Alert Zone feature (exclusive to the Flex Stand) allows you to detect whether your child has entered an off-limits area, triggering an alert to your device*
  • Sleep tracking and analytics,* plus sensor-free Breathing Motion Monitoring, Temperature + Humidity Tracking, and 2-way audio
  • More ways to see your baby: Google Home*, webstreaming on my.nanit.com*, and Amazon Alexa compatibility
  • Unlock the full power of your baby’s sleep analytics with an Insights Plan, which works with the Pro Camera to provide invaluable sleep data, developmental tracking, Breathing Motion Monitoring, and the cutest auto-captured milestone moments. Includes free introductory trial of Nanit Insights Sleep Plan for a better view of baby's wellness
  • Grows with your family: The full suite of smart monitoring in the Nanit Ecosystem supports you on your parenting journey from ages 0-5 and beyond, with cozy Nanit Wear and Bedding, Sound + Light for healthy sleep routines

    *Feature available with Insights Plan

Design Details

nanit monitor being detached from stand

Ultimate flexibility

Simply snap Pro Camera from at-home Wall Mount or Floor Stand into the Flex Stand and get a 130° view in seconds.

Alert Zone

Detects whether your child has entered an Alert Zone area, triggering an alert to your device.

Grows with your family

The Flex Stand works with bassinets, cribs, and toddler beds.

Ultimate portability and flexibility

  • Delivers a 130° view of almost any sleep or play space–from bassinets, cribs, and toddler beds to playrooms

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I like how portable it is and how easy it is to move from the fixed stand in baby's room to the Flex Stand when we travel. You pull the camera off the stand and plug it in to the other stand. Very simple.




Frequently Asked Questions

Does sleep tracking work on Flex Stand?

No. In order for Nanit’s algorithms to track your baby’s sleep patterns, your Nanit camera must be positioned overhead in a Wall Mount or Floor Stand.

Does breathing motion monitoring work on Flex Stand?

Yes. While an overhead mount is recommended for nightly use, breathing motion monitoring is available while using the Flex Stand. Be sure to follow these recommendations for best results when using breathing motion monitoring on the Flex Stand.

Can I see the whole room while using the Flex Stand?

Yes! While on the Flex Stand, Nanit automatically switches to a 130° wide-angle lens.

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