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Nanit Breathing Band™
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Breathing Band™


Colour: Pebble Grey
The Breathing Band works exclusively with the Nanit Pro or Plus cameras, to monitor your baby’s breathing motion with no sensors on their body.

The Nanit camera tracks breaths per minute, by reading subtle movements in the fabric’s custom-designed pattern, and alerts you if your baby needs you. Made from 100% cotton the Breathing Band is soft, comfortable, machine-washable and fits over most pajamas.

Product measurement:

Size/Age Weight Min Chest Circumference Max Chest Circumference
0-3M 2.7- 5.6kgs 28.5cm 50cm
3-12M 5.6-11.3kg 40cm 58.4cm
12-24M 11.3-13.6 49.5cm 68.5cm


Size: Small (0-3 months)
Small (0-3 months)
Medium (3-12months)
Large (12-24 months)

Design Details

No sensors. No wires. No worries.

The comfy, sensor-free Breathing Band pairs with the Pro Camera to gently monitor your baby's breath as they slumber.

nanit breathing band

Clever, cutting-edge sleepwear

Crafted of soft, machine-washable 100% cotton, the Breathing Band fits over baby's pajamas. Hook and loop attachments ensure the band stays put, while pinch-proof feather edges and soft fabric keep baby cozy.

breathing band

Receive alerts in an instant

Paired with the Nanit App, alerts are sent straight to your device if baby needs you.

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So nice to be able to see baby’s breathing without having to touch and wake them. Gives me so much peace of mind. I love that it is not a wearable monitor.

Celeste H.



Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nanit Breathing Wear contain any electronics?

No. Breathing Wear products are made of 100% cotton, and contain no electronics, wires, or sensors. The unique pattern on Breathing Wear was custom-designed to enable the Nanit Pro and Plus cameras to accurately track your baby’s breathing motion. The Nanit Pro and Plus cameras analyze subtle movements of this unique pattern using smart algorithms which can detect your baby’s breathing motion and alert you if no breathing motion is detected in their crib.

Can I use the Breathing Band on top of a swaddle?

No. The Breathing Band should never be worn on top of a swaddle. The Breathing Band must always be worn underneath your baby’s arms, around their torso, otherwise it could pose a suffocation or strangulation hazard.

When should I stop using the Nanit Breathing Band?

The Nanit Breathing Band is designed to track breathing motion for babies up to 24 months old. For older children with curious fingers, position the Breathing Band so that the flap is on your baby’s back and out of reach to ensure a secure fit overnight.

Can my baby wear other clothes under/over the Nanit Breathing Band?

The Breathing Band can be used over most garments, as long as you can place the Breathing Band underneath the baby’s arms. It is imperative you place the Band around their torso and under their arms so that it stays secure, otherwise the Band could pose a suffocation or strangulation hazard.

Avoid dressing your baby in thick garments or sleeping bags like the Merlin Magic while using Breathing Wear, as the thick fabric prevents motion from being detected. In order for breathing motion monitoring to work properly, the Breathing Wear pattern must be in clear sight of the camera with nothing obscuring the pattern. Always be sure to follow safe sleep practices.

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