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Celebrating the launch of Nanit in Australia with Amelia Lamont

by TABC Marketing on Feb 22, 2022

The launch of Nanit in Australia

As the founder of popular parenting and baby sleep blog, @themidwifemumma, and a busy mum-of-three, Amelia Lamont is the go-to for all things baby sleep related.

To celebrate the launch of Nanit nursery cameras in Australia, we caught up with Amelia to hear her thoughts on Nanit and insights on how the Nanit nursery cameras will assist Australian families.

Q. How will the launch of Nanit nursery cameras in the Australian market help Australian families?

Amelia: From a Midwife's perspective, I have never seen or heard of anything this clever on the market. Sure, there are similar cameras available to purchase, however nothing like this. The difference between this and others available is that the Nanit gives you that extra sense of security with your baby’s sleep, particularly those parents who are a little anxious or are bringing a baby home from hospital for the first time.  It is also a game-changer for those parents who have had a baby spend time in NICU or special care nursery.  I know first-hand their biggest worry is if they are safely sleeping and breathing.

Nanit nursery cameras in the Australian market

Q. What are your thoughts on nursery cameras? What are the benefits?

Amelia: There are so many benefits to having nursery cameras these days. Not only for the peace-of-mind that your baby is sleeping safely but also the ability to monitor your baby if you are back in the workplace and your baby is being minded by someone else. The Nanit also has an extra bonus of providing the owner with a sleep log which is brilliant because many parents like to be aware of their child's sleep habits, awake times and length of sleeps.

nursery cameras. What are the benefits?

(Pictured above is the Nanit Floor Stand which allows you to move the camera between rooms.) 

Q. What are the key differences between the Nanit range and some of the other nursery cameras on the market?

Amelia: Movement map - ensuring your baby is appropriately heated and not overheated is important to reduce the risk of SUDI (Sids). Sleep efficiency is also very impressive as this gives parents an overall look at their baby’s sleep. I am very impressed it has the ability to actually document when baby actually fell asleep - this is what all of us parents want to know!!!

Also, you cannot go past tracking your babies breathing.  This will enable us parents to sleep soundly at night too.

Nanit App

Q. The Nanit pro sleep tracking allows parents to stay updated on their baby’s sleep, what are the key considerations with using the sleep tracking? How do the insights assist parents?

Amelia: It is so beneficial. It will allow the parent to appropriately distinguish correct awake times which is important in determining when to put your baby down for their next sleep. It also allows the parent to distinguish how well their baby slept.  For example, some babies wake up extremely emotional and it makes us question if they actually had a good sleep and a long enough one.  This will allow the parent to go back and actually track their sleep and make a decision to let them nap longer or plan the next sleep. 

Q. What are your thoughts on Nanit’s Breathing Wear?

Amelia: Because Nanit’s Breathing Wear is non evasive, it is not bulky and it can be life changing, it will be received so well. As parents, we all fear SIDS/SUDI and this will put many of our minds at ease, particularly those parents who have opted to place their baby in their own room. This will reduce any anxiety they have about sleeping separately from them.

Nanit Breathing Band

(Pictured above is the Nanit breathing band.)

Q. The breathing bands ensure there are no direct sensors on the baby, why is this important?

Amelia: This is so important because the last thing a parent wants is to tangle their baby up in a piece of equipment which not only isn't safe at all but it would be bulky and annoying and disrupting to their sleep.

Q. How can Nanit assist families when a parent is returning to work?

Amelia: The ability to view your baby from your workplace or when you are out of the house is unbelievable. Technology has come such a long way and this is brilliant. This will give parents such peace-of-mind and satisfaction knowing they can check up on baby and their overall sleep whilst at work and under the care of someone else.

Nanit Multi-stand

(Pictured above is Nanit's multi-stand which can be moved between rooms and even taken on your travels.) 

Q. At what age do you think nursery cameras should be used until?

Amelia: Personally, it is up to the parents discretion. Many use a camera until they are out of the cot and transition to a bed. Although I know many families with double-story homes where bedrooms are spaced far apart who still like to use them for comfort purposes until their children are older, which is totally fine too.

 Q. Do you think the Nanit pro could reduce the risk of SIDS? How?

Amelia: Absolutely. The ability to track babies breathing is so reassuring for parents whether they are sleeping beside their baby or separately in another room. Being able to track a baby’s breathing and alert parents if anything is not within normal limits is absolutely brilliant.

Do you think the Nanit pro could reduce the risk of SIDS? How?

 Q. Key things to consider when selecting a nursery camera or breathing monitor?

Amelia: Firstly, the size - anything too big will distract baby from sleeping, you are looking for something compact.

Secondly, you want minimal light on the camera – too much brightness is another sleep distraction.

Lastly, you want to have the option to view baby on your phone. We take our phones with us everywhere so security in your pocket is impressive.

Q. Any further comments or thoughts?

Amelia: Nanit should be advertised in all hospitals and health centres, particularly for those parents who have a premature baby or an unwell child. For what you get with this camera, it is very affordable, aesthetically pleasing to any nursery with its neutral colour and easy to assemble and view. 

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